Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere - Truckers Pick Up Quilting and Knitting

Totally awesome. This Wall Street Journal article follows a growing trend among truckers who have picked up quilting, sewing, and knitting as a hobby. The downturn in the current economy has meant that instead of dropping off a load and picking up a new one right away, truckers will sometimes have to wait hours or days until they can head out again. Some men (95% of truckers are men) have started using a needle and thread (and sewing machines!) to pass the time.

The article is a fun read and it is full of great photos of their work and a video that shows a trucker and how he incorporates quilting into his routes. Very cool. Inspiration really is everywhere!

~~ Found via Craft Blog


  1. Hi-Cool article...You don't know, buy I have made some wonderful handknit things for Eric that I still have..If u would like something for the baby let me know....Have fun at the seminar this weekend.

  2. Hi Nancy, Eric did tell me that you're a talented knitter. I would love something for the baby! Thank you so much!