Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful Cakes

I often dream of the things I'll obtain when we "live on land again." I have no idea when this will be but a short list of items include:

- A garden (in particular so I can grow tomatoes)
- A panini grill
- A huge, comfortable couch
- A bathtub

And to add to that? Cake stands, beautiful vases, glassware and dinnerware. Some day I'll have all of those things. Until then, I'll dream about them and enjoy traveling around the world on our boat.

These beautiful cakes and the handmade stands they are found on made me wistful for a large kitchen in which to bake wonderful treats such as these and for cabinets in which I could store all my lovely cake stands to display my baked goods. You can see the rest of the wooden items at Herriot Grace. Enjoy!

{Found via Handmade Charlotte}

1 comment:

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